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One facade, many advantages.

Naturally versatile – this is how the ceramic elements of TONALITY® presents themselves. With a wide range of colours, surfaces and formats, there is no limit to the design of facades. Their low dead weight allows for a light substructure as well as flexible and quick installation. In all, the high-quality ceramic facade tiles are simply efficient.

Naturally from Westerwald.

The largest and highest-quality clay deposits in Europe can be found in the Westerwald region. And right in the middle of it, it’s us producing with the expertise of 150 years of firing tradition. Thanks to technology, knowhow and committed people, we are able to manufacture here in the heart of nature ceramic elements of the highest quality for projects all around the world.

Our weight category.

TONALITY® ceramic elements can be manufactured using a single shell and with a low dead weight as a result of the TONALITY® sinter firing process. At the same time, the element display an enormously high strength. In all, this allows for the considerable reduction of the substructure. This will save time, material and therefore costs, as well.

With a view to the future.

Composite materials, plastics or chemicals? Will not be contained in our ceramic elements. The natural advantages of the Westerwald clay are so impressive that there is no need for additives. This is beneficial to people’s health and the environment.

We can stand up to any comparison.

The ceramic tiles of TONALITY® have a very good environmental balance with regard to manufacturing, a simple and quick workability as well as a life-long resilience that makes other ventilated facade systems seem ordinary in comparison.

Robust in all respects.

As far as characteristics are concerned, our TONALITY® ceramic facades have the potential to be superheroes: impact-resistant and scratch-proof, UV and frost resistant, resistant towards graffiti, atmospheric and thermal influences. TONALITY® ceramic facades take on every challenge – they will neither lose colour nor format.

With invisible fastening.

Besides their easy handling, TONALITY® ceramic facades impress with their invisible fastening system. Joint widths can be chosen from 2 to 8 mm.

Save the installation time.

Thanks to our adaptive and base clinch rail systems, installation of the TONALITY® ceramic elements is quick and easy: mount and done. No clamps, no visible fastening, no stress. The same applies, by the way, to the subsequent replacement of ceramic elements.

Individuality goes without saying.

TONALITY® ceramic facades are always unique pieces. There are no limits to your individual wishes. For besides the wide range of colours, structures and surfaces, we are experts for special design surfaces. Simply because we can.

The facade will follow your ideas.

Top down, from bottom to top, from left to right – or howsoever: The flexible TONALITY® systems allow for their placement without pre-set direction and find a fixed hold even in curves or overhead. And they can be removed individually at any time.

Safety just in case.

Both the substructure and the ceramic facade will withstand when push comes to shove. TONALITY® ceramic facades are classified as non-flammable in the German building materials class A1 according to EN 13501-1. And if you want to have it in all detail: The system is earthquake-resistant, as well.

High-performance surface.

TONALITY® ceramic facade are extremely tough. Due to the TONALITY® sinter firing process, the ceramic elements receive an inimitable high-performance surface making them resistant to graffiti, weather conditions, thermal influences, impacts or scratches. Quasi as if made for the rough daily routine of a facade. And at the same time, they look damn well.


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