Oberflächen und Formate

When ideas never go beyond the scope.

New ways to go are also evident in new colours and surfaces. With its facade tiles, TONALITY® makes sustainable ideas a tangible reality for new and independent buildings. In order to be able to realize these extraordinary buildings, customized facade solutions are required. On this occasion we support architects and planners, from the very idea to its realisation.

ONDO – the perfect wave

With Ondo, TONALITY presents a completely new, unusually filigree and light surface structure for their high-quality ceramic facades.

Montano – dynamic play with light and shadow

With Montano, Tonality now offers a unique surface design. Inspired by nature, it creates a mountain & day situation and at the same time plays as a facade with light and shadow.

Surfaces and shapes

Variety on the facade.

Naturally versatile – this is how the ceramic facade of TONALITY presents itself. With a wide range of colours, surfaces and formats, there is no limit to the design of facades. It‘s low dead weight allows for a light substructure as well as flexible and quick installation. In all, the ceramic facades are simply efficient.

Standard surfaces




unevenly grooved

Multiple pilaster strips

Single pilaster strip


Every facade is like a tailor-made suit – Flexibility of design begins with flexibility of shape and size. TONALITY facade tiles can be produced precisely, to within one millimetre from 150 x 300 mm up to 400 x 1,600 mm. Whether standard or special solution, at TONALITY everything is simply made to measure.



St. Charles Market

Color | Nature, Medium gray

Surfacesmooth, glazed

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Privacy and sun protection

Seeing and not being seen.

Privacy and sun protection cannot be integrated into a facade any more naturally. It is all the same whether you are using Lamella, Baguette or Square elements: TONALITY ® privacy and sun protection elements blend into the overall facade design as a solitary design element harmoniously with metal, ceramic, glass or plaster. They can be installed either horizontally or vertically. Thus they provide discretion on the one hand as well as a pleasant indoor climate in the building through their active sun protection.

OBJECTForfatterhuset Kindergarten, Kopenhagen, DK

OBJECTParacelsus Bad & Kurhaus, Salzburg, AT

Format of the privacy and sun protection

The individual ceramic elements are available up to a maximum single length of 1,600 mm. Longer elements can be made by assembling shorter elements. Other shapes are also possible according to customer requirements. Whether they are implemented as privacy or sun protection, in all cases they are sure to attract attention.



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