Usecases of a ceramic facade

The principle of the ventilated façade.

The ventilated facade is a highly effective system due to the physical separation of insulation and weather protection. Air can circulate behind the facade cladding and the insulation and thus reliably remove any existing moisture. In terms of cost- effectiveness, ecology and durability, the ventilated facade using our ceramic elements proves to be a superior system in new construction and refurbishing. Since this system can be used for almost all building types and heights, the ventilated facade system helps to reduce energy costs. Through the constructive structure of adequate insulation thicknesses, the ventilated curtain facade can be adjusted to the individual project and the respective requirements. Irrespective of whether low-energy, passive house or plus energy house standards are required – a ventilated facade will meet them all.


Show off your shape and format.

Extraordinary ideas require unusual formats. TONALITY has perfected portrait installation for all lateral thinkers. As a counterpoint in design or for accentuating vertical structures. TONALITY façade tiles installed in vertical layout show off their true strength at this time. Flexible during the design phase, with highly impressive visual appearances, and a clearly-defined joint pattern. A facade solution for architecture with stature.

OBJECTDAHL Anwaltskanzlei, Viborg, DK

OBJECTParacelsus Bad & Kurhaus, Salzburg, AT

Design elements

Typical design elements of the facade can be taken up, such as defining vertical slot windows.

Privacy and sun protection

Light and yet shadow.

Privacy and sun protection cannot be integrated into a facade any more naturally. It is all the same whether you are using Lamella, Baguette or Square elements: They all blend into the overall facade design as a solitary design element harmoniously with metal, ceramic, glass or plaster. Thus they provide discretion on the one hand as well as a pleasant indoor climate in the building through their active sun protection.

Sehen und nicht gesehen werden.

Mit den in zahlreichen Abmessungen und Farben verfügbaren Elementen lassen sich sowohl an Außenfassaden als auch im Innenbereich beeindruckende und einzigartige Architekturkonzepte verwirklichen. Ob als Sicht- oder Sonnenschutz, sie sind in jedem Fall echte Blickfänger.

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