Chungnam, KR
Cheonan Medical Center

With the highest precision

The Chunam Hospital in Chungnam, South Korea, is an example of impressive hospital architecture. While cleverly meeting the complex requirements of a hospital, the architects also created a remarkable exterior shell with a contemporary facade design. Precision not only plays a central role at the operating table here but also when it comes to the precise installation of the brick-red terracottas. In combination with the generous window fronts, the modern construction of the vertically aligned terracottas creates a building that can achieve a lot today and in the future.

Couleur | Nature, brick red natural

Surface | Plain

Type de projet | New construction

Tonality Referenz: Westansicht des Chunan Hospitals mit keramischer Fassade
Tonality Reference Ceramic Facade of Chun'an Hospital: View of Backyard
Tonality-Referenz: Keramikfassade des Chunan-Krankenhauses - Ansicht von der Seite
Tonality-Referenz: Keramikfassade des Chun'an Hospitals - Hauptansicht
Tonality Reference Ceramic Facade of Chun'an Hospital, viewed from the front side
Nighttime view of ceramic facade at Chun'an hospital backyard
Tonality-Referenz: Keramikfassade des Chun'an Hospitals - Dachansicht
Tonality Reference Ceramic Facade - Chun'an Hospital Front View
Blick auf die Ostseite der Keramikfassade des Chun'an Hospitals in warmen Terrakotta-Tönen

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