Toronto, CA
Data Centre

Big Data Centre – Toronto

Architecture also thrives from the unusual combination of well-known materials, designs and colours.
As can be seen at the Data Centre in Toronto. What at first glance might seem like an unusual mix of TONALITY facade and Baguette tiles, turns out to be a tribute to the early computer punch card technology, a precursor of present-day barcodes, if looked at from a distance. It thus ranks far beyond the city limits as one of the most innovative buildings in Canada. Our contribution to this project was again only the manufacturing of the facade terracottas. And only with the architect’s idea did it result in a unique synthesis.

Couleur | Nature, Toscana | Nature, Toscana | Nature, Toscana

Surfaces | Plain | Single pilaster stripe | Grooved

Type de projet | New construction

Architecte | WZMH Architects, CA

Photographe | Engineered Assemblies Inc., CA

Tonality Referenz big data centre toronto gebäude frontansicht.
Tonality Referenz big data centre toronto fassadenansicht.
Tonality Referenz big data centre toronto teilansicht fassade.
Tonality Referenz big data centre toronto seitenansicht.

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