Dynamic variety

Tonality Keramikfassade Oberfläche mit Wabenmuster - zeitlose Ästhetik und innovative Texturierung
03 | 11 | 2022

Dynamic variety

Tonality entwickelt neue Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten für hochwertige Fassadenkeramik

From partially combed to the Lava series, Tonality is expanding the design options for its high-end ceramics for facades. For example, the elements for installing a ventilated curtain wall are now also available with embossed surfaces, among other things, or optionally with a light to deep structure. In addition, classic, familiar surfaces such as “Ondo” and “Gerillt” can now be varied as desired by means of high-quality design printing and, for example, given a cement look or unusual design wishes.

Whether discreet or striking in shape and structure, color accentuated or muted: when designing facades, planners and architects can give free rein to their creativity and thus underline the individual character of a building. With this in mind, Tonality has comprehensively expanded the existing surface range for its ceramic elements. Completely new designs have been created and classic, well-known surfaces have been further developed.

Patented embossing process

The new variants include embossed surfaces, which are produced using a patented process. Deep embossing with a precise arrangement is possible, as is finer embossing with a more random-looking structure. Here, hammer blow-like refractions of the surface ensure that the surface appears individually handcrafted. Both variants are then finished with a traditional glazing process. For this purpose, matt or high-gloss thick glazes are applied to the embossed ceramic without leaving air bubbles. For a special visual touch, the elements can be provided with a high-quality ornamental print.


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