Leipfinger-Bader Group at BAU 2023

03 | 04 | 2023

At BAU 2023 in Munich, Leipfinger-Bader will present itself with its subsidiary Tonality. Among other things, the group will be focusing on the potential of ventilated curtain facades with the particularly lightweight high-end ceramic and providing advice on suitable, intelligent substructures. Visitors to Stand 215 in Hall A1 will also receive information on the supplier’s other product portfolio of energy-efficient, sustainable and recyclable system solutions for new buildings and renovations. This also includes the resource-saving “Kaltziegel” – a cold pressed brick, which is pressed from recycled brick residues and mineral binders and cured without energy input.

At BAU, the Leipfinger-Bader Group is represented for the first time with Tonality – and is focusing, among other things, on a sustainable solution for the curtain-type rear-ventilated facade. The special feature here is that Tonality has created the production requirements to manufacture the ceramic in single-shell geometry. For example, the weight per unit area is only around 38 kilograms per square meter. By comparison, conventional facade bricks with a double-chamber design achieve up to 60 kilograms per square meter. This enables valuable raw materials and energy to be saved, as well as transport costs and working time. The substructure also requires fewer anchors. This reduces the formation of thermal bridges at the building insulation. Each facade system is individually designed and adapted to structural conditions, so that architects benefit from a customized facade solution with high architectural value that is also convincing in terms of economy and sustainability.

“The best in their class”

The Group will also be presenting other new developments from its product range at the trade show booth. These include intelligent products for interior finishing, such as an innovative clay heating system that sets high standards in energy efficiency and living comfort, and colored clay plasters. In addition, there are the solid masonry bricks with integrated sound and heat insulation developed with in-house research. These include, for example, the Unipor WS 08 Coriso Plus – a plane-ground vertically perforated brick with mineral, fireproof insulation filling from the Coriso series, which has been optimized in many respects. Thanks to a revised geometry and an increase in the storage mass of around 20 percent, the innovative brick has improved structural properties in the areas of sound insulation and fire protection – and that with excellent thermal conductivity and improved wall load-bearing capacity.

Promising innovations

One of three innovations currently in the development phase: A CO2-neutral roller shutter or external venetian blind box made of wood fiber boards, whose chambers are filled with cellulose, hemp and straw. This guarantees optimum insulation and is particularly sustainable, as the filling is made from renewable raw materials.

In addition, Tonality has developed a new substructure for fixing its high-quality facade ceramics: The Vario-Clip system. This is a variable standard substructure that flexibly adapts to ceramic elements of any module height. The Vario-Clip system is available as a stock item, offers a high degree of planning and system security, enables a significant reduction in materials and simplifies installation.

In addition to the Vario Clip system, Tonality now offers ceramic panels in the standard 125 x 15 cm grid format for ventilated curtain walling. The panels, which are available in four modern colors, are available from specialist retailers with a coordinated system rail and are quickly available from stock. Due to their format and light weight, they are predestined not only for solid construction but also for use in timber frame construction.

Particularly fine grain sizes have even contributed to the development of a new generation of masonry bricks at Leipfinger-Bader. Thus, a new type of brick has been created from recycled brick residues and mineral binders: The “cold brick”. This is pressed in a special process and then cured without the use of energy. The result is a resource-saving product with high bulk density and compressive strength. “Our masonry bricks are among the best in their class worldwide,” emphasizes Thomas Bader, Managing Director of the Leipfinger-Bader Group. “The success is not based on luck at all. We are not afraid to tread innovative paths and create entirely new things that did not exist in the industry before.” In this context, Leipfinger-Bader will also be presenting the Unipor WS 08 Silvacor Plus – a new, optimized masonry brick from the Silvacor range with softwood fiber filling – at BAU in Munich.

Partner for architects and investors

On a special modular construction wall, Leipfinger-Bader will also be showing products for modular, fast and energy-efficient construction: These include prefabricated brick elements and roller shutter boxes including an integrated ventilation system with heat recovery of up to 93 percent. Visitors can also find out more about ceramic screed brick. This intelligent dry screed solution is particularly resilient and insensitive to moisture. In combination with tested underfloor heating systems, it enables annual heating cost savings of up to 30 percent and has a particularly good CO2 balance compared with conventional cement screed.

Leipfinger-Bader’s booth is designed for interaction and product experience. For example, the special texture of the high-end ceramics and the noble clay plaster surfaces can be experienced haptically on site. Architects and investors are thus given the opportunity to experience the group of companies as an innovative provider of energy-efficient and sustainable system solutions, which reliably and aesthetically designs the building of the future with profound consulting expertise.

Visitors and interested parties will find the Leipfinger-Bader Group and Tonality at BAU 2023 in Hall A1 at Stand 215.


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