Copenhagen, DK
Forfatterhuset Kindergarten

Seeing without being seen.

No matter whether Lammella, Baguette or Square: even as solitary elements, they all blend harmoniously into the overall facade design using metal, ceramics, glass or plaster. And at the same time, they provide discretion and a comfortable indoor climate through active sun protection. The elements available in various dimensions and colours allow for the realisation of impressive architectural concepts on external facades as well as in indoor areas. Whether they are installed as sight or sun protection, they are real eye-catchers either way.

Color | Nature, brick red finished surface

Surface | Plain

Project Type | New construction

Architect | COBE, DK

Photographer | Adam Mørk, DK

Tonality Referenz forfatterhuset Kindergarten Seitenanblick.
Tonality Referenz forfatterhuset Kindergarten Innenhof Abenddaemmerung.
Tonality Referenz forfatterhuset Kindergarten Innenhof.
Tonality Referenz forfatterhuset Kindergaren Daecher.
Tonality Referenz forfatterhuset Kindergarten Abendansicht.

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