Leitza, Navarra, ES
Leitza, Navarra

Hot and breezy.

Other countries, other conditions. If special attention is paid to energy-efficient construction, then ventilated curtain walls (VHF) in combination with a terracotta stoneware facade are a high-quality solution. The many advantages of the product defy any requirements and, in addition, refine the building in terms of aesthetic appeal. With discreetly placed color changes on the facade, the building is divided into its living areas and shows how perfectly the color selection goes hand in hand with other elements such as wood and glass.

Color | Nature, white matt

Surface | Plain

Project Type | Renovation

Architect | Jacar Montajes SL, ES

Photographer | Jorge Tellechea

Tonality Referenz Leitza Seitenansicht.
Tonality Referenz Leitza Eckansicht.
Tonality Referenz Leitza Fassadenansicht.
Tonality Referenz Leitza Frontansicht
Tonality Referenz Leitza Front Balkon.
Tonality Referenz  Leitza Balkon Unterteilung.
Tonality Referenz  Leitza Diagonalsicht.

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