Fussach, AT
Pertinsel children’s house

Natural harmony.

The Pertinsel childcare centre in Fußach, Austria, blends in with its surroundings and skilfully incorporates them into its architecture. Inside, the building offers spacious and light-flooded rooms with a variety of designs. This is contrasted by the understated building envelope. A curtain wall made of longitudinal ceramic elements in three light sand tones comes into play here. This completely encloses the head-end structure of the building and, thanks to the natural colouring, harmonises with the facade’s wooden cladding. Apart from setting visual accents, the building also impresses in terms of economic efficiency and sustainability due to the high quality of the materials used.

Color | Nature, cream | Nature, pearl grey

Surface | Plain

Project Type | New construction

Architect | Architekt Huber ZT, AT

Photographer | Günter Laznia, AT

Tonality Referenz: Kinderhaus Pertinsel - Keramikfassade in warmen Naturtönen
Tonality Keramikfassade des Kinderhauses Pertinsel - Ansicht des Gartens
Tonality Referenz Kinderhaus Pertinsel - Fassadenstruktur in natürlicher Ziegelsteinoptik
Tonality Referenz - Keramikfassade Kinderhaus Pertinsel Front
Tonality Referenz: Keramik Fassade Kinderhaus Pertinsel Treppe - moderne und nachhaltige Architektur mit roter Tonality Fassade und eleganten Stufen
Tonality Referenz Keramikfassade Kinderhaus Pertinsel Seite - ansprechendes Design und Haltbarkeit
Tonality Referenz: Eingangsbereich der Keramikfassade des Kinderhauses Pertinsel
Tonality Referenz Kinderhaus Pertinsel - Nahaufnahme: Detailansicht der strukturierten Fassade aus Tonality Keramikplatten in warmen Naturtönen.

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