Sydney, AU
Versatile Bella Vista

Clear lines - inside and outside.

One example of clean architecture can be found in Sydney´s Bella Vista suburb, Australia. With its colourful facade, the Versatile office and commercial building catches the eye. In addition to lots of glass, its ceramic facade consists of smooth clay tiles in “Tuscany Red” and captures the sunlight. The building, designed by the Australian architecture and design studio Architectus, is characterised in particular by its straight lines: all ceramic elements have a perfect run of joints. This design is also reflected in the interior. Here, the same components create a unique play of colours in the impressive foyer, which is also echoed in matching furnishings.

Color | Nature, Toscana

Surface | Plain

Project Type | New construction

Architect | NSW Architects, AU

Terracotta-Fassadenreferenz in Bella Vista-Eingangsbereich: vielseitiges Design und robuste Haltbarkeit mit Tonality-Produkten
Tonality Referenz Terracotta Fassade - Vielseitig Bella Vista Innenansicht
Close-up view of the edge detail of the Tonality terracotta facade at the Bella Vista building, showcasing the versatile and modern design of the material
Tonality Referenz Terrakotta Fassade - Vielseitige Bella Vista Türme mit Terrakotta Fassade in natürlicher Optik

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