Little Bay, Sydney, AU
Prince Henry Apartments

Impressive gateway.

As building pair, the Little Bay Apartments form a strong entrance sequence to Sydney’s Prince Henry precinct. The two structures – designed by FJMT Studio – house flats on three to four levels with generous private outdoor spaces. In addition to integrating the design into the urban environment, the architectural firm placed particular emphasis on the facade design. The seemingly random arrangement of brick-red ceramic elements and sliding elements with slats on the opposing facades gives the building an exciting structure.

Color | Nature, brick red natural

Surface | Plain

Project Type | New construction

Architect | FJMT Studio, AU

Tonality Ceramic Facade Reference - Prince, Front View" - SEO optimized alt-text
Tonality ceramic facade reference at Prince Henry - close view
Tonality Ceramic Facade Reference at Prince Henry - A Beautiful and Sustainable Building Facade Solution
Detailansicht von Tonality-Keramikfliesen: Hochwertige Materialien und Handwerkskunst
Tonality ceramic facade on Prince building - view from the street

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