Ottawa, CA
St. Charles Market

Historical and modern.

The development project St. Charles Market in Ottawa is located in the predominantly French-Canadian quarter and Vanier district. This historic market was an important meeting place for the surrounding communities. With regard to style, the design is oriented towards the church in terms of roof inclination and the colours of the church windows. The already deconsecrated and listed church was supposed to serve as a clear reference of the project dealing with the new buildings in order to give the church due respect. And this is precisely why the decision was made to use innovative materials, such as the ceramic facade.

Color | Nature, brick red natural | Nature, flint grey | Nature, brick red natural

Surfaces | Plain | Single pilaster stripe

Project Type | New construction

Architect | Linebox Studio, CA

Tonality Referenz St Charles Market rendering.
Tonality Referenz St Charles Market rendering innenhof.
Tonality Referenz St Charles Market Frontansicht.

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