Others call it stylishly modern

We call it the ventilated brick slip rainscreen façade.

With respect to its function, the most important aspect of a façade is to hold off moisture and, if necessary, transport any existing moisture away. Moisture and damp that penetrate a façade and that cannot escape quickly lead to damage to the building and to an unhealthy atmosphere internally due to mould etc. The BrickLine system applies the principle of a ventilated rainscreen façade. This makes use of the stack effect to automatically and continuously transport moisture away. From a bioconstructive perspective, this is highly recommended
– and it permanently protects all components from damp.

Now we get superficial

Strong colours,
strong clay.

Our brick slips are available throughout the world in a wide variety of colours and with a broad range of surfaces. What they all have in common is that the highest quality clay from the Westerwald was used in their production. The entire production process takes place using the TONALITY® MCS technique. This provides the required strength and robustness.

The advantages in a single glance

One brick slip, many advantages.

The sustainable façade

Resource-efficient production, reusability and the capacity for material-based recycling: this is sustainability in façade construction – with a view to the future.

Upgrade instead of demolish

TONALITY® BrickLine façades are ideal for use in refurbishments. Old exterior insulation finishing systems remain on the wall and are newly clad.

Stability in all cases

The BrickLine brick slips are mechanically attached and withstand extremely high stresses.

Purely dry construction in any weather

The ventilated brick slip rainscreen façade is erected entirely using a dry construction technique. This means that installation can take place all year round – even in frosty temperatures.

Façade construction using the reliable hook system

Thanks to the simple installation principle, our systems can be installed directly after brief training. Accurately and without a special tool.

Completely maintenance-free

No joints requiring maintenance, no prying out of grouting. Offering resistance to vibration at all times.

The highest level of fire safety

Non-flammable. Rated within the highest fire protection class A1 according to DIN 4102 and EN 13501-1.


Our façades can be fully dismantled and reused. An advantage in terms of value retention.

brickline collection

Our colours.

Classic, modern, striking or preferably subtle? Thanks to the different shades and surfaces
of our BrickLine brick slips, all facade design wishes can be turned into reality. We would
be happy to provide you with samples so you can see the depth of colour and surface fi nish
of our BrickLine products for yourself.

70501 | Oxide red

70505 | Chalk grey

70504 | Chalk red

70503 | Sand beige

70502 | Platinum black

BrickLine cassette panel

We don’t do complicated.

BrickLine cassette panels are the strongmen in our façade systems. They hold the brick slips and keep them securely in place using zero force thanks to safety catches. They are fixed to the wall in such a way that a ventilation gap ensures sufficient air circulation. This means that the building wall is kept reliably dry and diffused moisture is transported from within to the outside.
Suspension lugs

Tile pressure points
Safety catch
BrickLine brick slips


Easy installation thanks to TONALITY® hook system

01 | Screw on

The coated ZM310 steel panels are screwed into the substructure.

02 | Position

The first brick slips are positioned in accordance with the plans. Positioning can take place individually. The bottom-most row is completed first.

03 | Suspend

The installation hooks on the steel panel enable the simple suspension of the brick slips and ensure that all clearances are complied with precisely.

04 | Secure

With gentle taps of a hammer, the brick slips can be finally positioned and subsequently anchored in the catch mechanism using zero force.

Exterior wall

Solid external wall.

Wall mount

Installation of wall brackets with Thermostop.


Installation of insulation.


Installation of vertical L- or T-profi les and window jamb if in metal.

Cassette panel

Installation of cassette panels.


Suspension/tapping in of BrickLine brick slips.

Exterior wall

Wooden external wall (e.g. OSB board or formwork), with wind barrier depending on requirements.

Wall mount

Vertical installation on construction timber (thickness of at least 25 mm) to form a ventilation gap.

Window reveal

Installation of window jamb if in metal.

Cassette panel

Installation of cassette panels.


Suspension/tapping in of BrickLine brick slips.


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